Zum Guten Glück - Terms

General Terms

We are pleased to be able to welcome you as a guest of the Gasthaus „Zum Guten Glück“. We are sure that you were pleasantly surprised by our highly competitive prices. In order to make sure that the Gasthaus „Zum Guten Glück“ can continue to offer hotel accommodation at attractive rates, we have drawn up a few standard rules which we would like to acquaint you with below. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.


Bookings are made exclusively via the Internet. When the booking has been accepted and accommodation has been confirmed, the current rate for an overnight stay can be charged to the credit card given by the customer. If credit card data and customer data do not match, or if the sum in question cannot be charged to the credit card for any reason, the booking will be cancelled immediately and the room made available for booking by other guests. The Gasthaus „Zum Guten Glück“ will not accept liability for any loss or damages which may result from this booking procedure.


You may check into our city hotel from 3.00 p.m. onwards. At check-in, the guest’s identification will be checked and the balance of accommodation bill charged to his or her credit card. Check-in: Monday – Saturday untill 11.45 p.m, Sunday untill 7.45 p.m.


Our guests are requested to vacate their room by 11 a.m. and deposit the room key at the bar. In the case of guests checking out later, a late check-out fee of CHF 30.00 per half-hour or part thereof will be charged.


Room reservations may be canceled or changed by e-mail up to 10 days in advance of the arrival day. There will be a fixed charge of CHF 50.00 to cover the cost of activities resulting from the cancellation. No refund will be given for cancellations made less than 10 days in advance, and the full room price will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

Room keys

At check-in, the guest will be given one room key and one street door key per room. A deposit charge of CHF 20.00 is payable when the guest receives the keys and will be refunded in full if all keys are returned at the time of check-out.


You are welcome to have breakfast in the Guest House „Zum Guten Glück“. Please note that the breakfast is not included in the room price.

Damage & Theft

Any articles (including towels or flannels, etc.) removed from the premises will be charged to the customer’s credit card at the full price of a new article. Any damage will be repaired by a qualified contractor and the cost of such repairs subsequently charged to the customer’s credit card. In addition, a fee of CHF 200.00 to cover activities and outlay resulting from the repair work will also be charged. As a precautionary measure, the estimated cost of repairs may be charged as soon as it has been determined. If the final cost of repairs should prove to be higher or lower than the original estimate, the corresponding amount will be charged or refunded to the credit card, as the case may be.

Cancellation of Bookings

The Gasthaus „Zum Guten Glück” reserves the right to cancel room bookings without notice and to refuse to admit clients to the premises. The Gasthaus „Zum Guten Glück“ is under no obligation to provide accommodation.

Contract Party

Gasthaus „Zum Guten Glück“ is understood to stand for the Stationsstrasse AG company, registered seat Stationsstrasse7 in 8003 Zürich.