Butter croissants 1.80
Chocolate croissants 2.80

Small breakfast

Croissant, bread, butter and jam 7.50
with birchermüesli 4.50
with parma ham 4.50
with scrambled eggs 6.50
Croissant, bread, butter, jam
and cheese 14.50
with birchermüesli 4.50
with parma ham 4.50

Pancake breakfast

Pancake with mapel syrup, bread, butter, jam and cheese 18.50

Vegan Breakfast

Avocado with chickpea and tomato spread, jam, margarine and vegan bread 18.50

Hang-over breakfast

Croissant, bread, butter, jam, cheese, 2 fried eggs and bacon 18.50
with scrambled egg +2.00

Dicke Berta

Ham, cheese and fried eggs on dill mustard bread with a salad bouquet 18.50
Bacon, cheese and fried eggs on sambal cream cheese with a salad bouquet 18.50
Spinach, onions, cheese and fried eggs on chickpea and tomato bread with
a salad bouquet 18.50


Veggie omelette with a salad bouquet 18.50
Scrambled eggs 9.00
2 fried eggs 8.50
Homemade birchermuesli
small/large 6.00/9.50
Boiled egg (3/5/8min) 3.50

Sweet pancake

Nature with icing sugar 9.90
Maple Syrup 11.90
Nutella 11.90
Apple Sauce 11.90
Apple in cinnamon 11.90
Ice cream 12.90
Cinnamon and sugar 10.90
Compote 12.90
Ricotta, maple syrup and flaked almonds 13.90

Vegetarian pancakes

Tomato and cream cheese 15.90
Spinach, ricotta and pine nuts 16.90
Onions, cheese and apple sauce 16.90
Cheese, tomato and a fried egg 16.90
Avocado, cream cheese and
roasted onions 18.90
Mushrooms, sambal cream cheese and
cucumber 16.90

Meat Pancakes

Ham, mushrooms and fried egg 16.90
Bacon, onions and fried egg 16.90
Chorizo, onions and cheese 16.90
Chorizo, avocado, sambal
and roasted onions 19.90
Parma ham, sambal cream cheese
and cucumber 16.90
Parma ham, avocado and pine nuts 19.90
Bacon and compote 15.90
Bacon and treacle 13.90

All ingreditents can be added as extras, or create your own.

Vegetarian pancakes

Avocado, sambal, ketjap manis
and roasted onions 21.90
Spinach, chickpea and tomato
spread and pine nuts 19.90
Onions, tomato and pine nuts 19.90
Mushrooms, chickpean and tomato
spread and cucumber 19.90


Nature with icing sugar 9.00
Maple Syrup 11.50
Whipped cream and syrup
(chocolate, caramel or rapberry) 11.50
Compote 12.50
Ice cream 13.50

Waffle Glück

Waffle with vanilla ice cream, egg liquor and whipped cream 15.50

Waffle Winterbacon

Waffle with two fried eggs, bacon
and maple syrup 18.50


Butter and icing sugar 10.50
Ice cream 13.50
Apple sauce 12.50
Treacle 12.50
Compote 13.50

Ice cream

1 scoop 4.00
2 scoops 7.60
3 scoops 10.80


Chocolate 1.20
Caramel 1.20
Raspberry 1.20


Several different flavours 8.50


Homemade Cake 5.00
Mohrenkopf 1.20

Lunch menu with salad 17.50-21.50
Green salad, small / big 5.00 / 9.00
Ice cream from 4.00
Frappee several different flavours 8.50